Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Alice Miranda in Paris

Well it is back to work after the summer break.

The first cab off the rank is "Alice Miranda in Paris" by Jacqueline Harvey.

This is a sweet story in the ever popular series. My full review is on the Creative Kids Tales Website

I must admit that I was a little ambitious and tried to read this to my 6 year old, trying to kill to birds with one stone, so to speak (working and parenting at the same time). I thought that because of our trip to Paris last year she might be more into it than she was.  The fashion terminology and the subtle love affairs really went over her head.

I was going to give up on it, then I saw a whole bunch of older girls that were in the same production as my son, avidly reading copies of the book. I think that I had made a mistake in ignoring the back cover which clearly stated 9 plus.

So the verdict is, great captivating reading for the older girls!

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