Friday, 8 May 2015

Snuggling down for winter?

well winter is coming as they say.....

What is everyone reading?

I am still reading all I can for Creative Kids Tales. 
Recently I had the pleasure to read "Plenty" by Anada Braxton-Smith. 

Plenty - A place to call home by Ananda Braxton-Smith

Published by Black Dog Books

Plenty is one of those books that stamps it's authority on pre-teenage angst from the first page. Maddy Frank is one cross girl. Set in Melbourne this follows the journey of Maddy as she is forced to leave her comfort zone of the house that she has known her whole life and move to the small town in the country. She battles her home sickness for a good majority of the book.
Slowly though, through getting to know her grandmother and her friend Grace she starts to feel at home.
It is a lovely well rounded fiction that also has a touch of fantasy, with the appearance of fairies. This little gem is targeted at the older primary school age group of 10-12, and even if the readers themselves haven't experienced such dramatic changes themselves, it is a nice preparation for the changes that may come as they transition to high school.
A lovely one for mother and daughter to read and discuss how people approach changes in their lives and become stronger.
Reviewed by Allie Mokany

Author: Ananda Braxton-Smith
Title: Plenty - A place to call home
Publisher: Black Dog Books
ISBN: 9781742032429
Published: August 2014
Age: 10-12

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