Saturday, 16 November 2013

Seven Sisters Book Launch

My Christmas project "Seven Dresses for Seven Sisters" is now complete.

I am a great fan of hand-me downs, and as a youngest child I was always the one to receive the well-worn, much loved dresses.  I loved the sense history that each dress had, some were from my cousins and I had watched them wear them to their formals and birthday parties.  We have a tradition in our family of having a different colour theme for each Christmas, so this story was inspired both by the colours of Christmas and all the hand- me downs I had received.

The cover image is of a beautiful dresses that Louise Romanis created (photographed by Jennifer Martin, of Jennifer Elizabeth photography.)

This book is now available at Smashwords .

The proceeds from this book will go to local children's charities to help those kids that find Christmas especially tough. So please think of giving this book as a gift this festive season.

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Snakes and Ladders (print version)

Snakes and Ladders e-pub

Bee Bee (e-pub)

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